We're Glad You're Here!

 We realize there are many different salons and talented artists for you to choose from when scheduling hair services here in the Coachella Valley and we are so glad you found us! If there is something about our vibe, our space, or the techniques we offer that has you wanting to know more, thats great! Before booking your appointment, there are a few things you may want to know about our salon culture and the way we work. We value the client experience and have set in place guidelines to ensure a professional and happy environment.


 We are happy to provide potential new clients with complementary consultations. We understand that you might want to meet us, have a chance to see our space and talk with us before committing to a hair appointment. Complimentary consultations fill a 15 minute time slot. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, get our input, match colors for extensions and secure a future appointment. If you are not able to make it in to see us in person, you can save time by completing our "New Client Request Form"  And we also offer consultations over Zoom, just let us know your preference when scheduling and we can send you a link.

 We take chemical consultations very seriously! Below is a list of items to address with your colorist prior to your appointment - as these items may cause negative chemical reactions to the hair when mixed with salon chemicals services.  


  •  previously over-processed hair* by repeatedly layering dyes over porous pre-lightened hair
  • taking prescription medication* that inadvertently alters the bonds of the hair (methotrexate, sulfa based medications)
  • thermal damage* by over-use of hot tools
  • use of metallic dyes, salts, or minerals* (box color) or use of "over mineralized well water" chemicals may cause negative reactions
  • use of henna or vegetable dyes* chemicals may cause negative reactions
  • permed or relaxed hair* chemicals may cause negative reactions

Online Booking

 We provide online booking for your convenience.  When you click "Online Booking" or "Book Now" it will re-direct you to our salon schedule. You will be asked to choose a date, the services you'd like and the time you'd like to come in, you will be asked to create an account. Your appointment is not set until you receive an email back confirming the date and time. We will often follow up once we receive your request to go over the services you scheduled and  to secure your appointment with a credit card. If you're a new client, it will help us a great deal if you fill out the "New Client Consultation Form"  this will save us time in calling you back and conducting a lengthy phone interview. Thank you!

Credit Card Authorization

 We ask new clients for a credit card authorization/ hold to secure your hair appointment. When it comes to scheduling your appointment, there are many factors that must be addressed in order for us to provide the best possible service. Securing your appointment with a credit card helps us to avoid last minute cancellations and "no-shows" in our schedule and ensures that we will have enough time to accommodate you. This is NOT a separate fee and is fully refundable/ transferable as long as you give us at least 24 hours notice.  Any multiple service appointments or last minute bookings must be held with a credit card. Multiple service appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged up to 50% of the reserved service amount.  A credit card hold transaction will be placed your credit card to reserve the appointment time. If you are interested in scheduling services with us please fill out the  new client request form. We look forward to working with you!

Cancellation Policy

 If you need to cancel, please give us at least 24 hours notice, otherwise you may be charged up to 50% of the total service price. Please confirm your appointments through our salon software via text or email, you should get the confirmation a day or two ahead of your appointment. 

 If your are running 15 minutes late to your appointment or more, please call ahead. If you arrive beyond 20 minutes late you may have to forfeit your appointment completely. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, it is considered a ''no show'' and your stylist may choose to take a deposit to secure future appointments. If it becomes a reoccurring issue, your stylist may refuse to provide future services.

Photo and Video

 As you can tell, we love to film and photograph our clients and show off the techniques we do in the salon on our website and social media. If you are not comfortable with being photographed or filmed that is perfectly ok! Just let us know.  We want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. If you are comfortable with appearing in our photographs and videos we reserve the right to use any photograph/ video taken at Sagebrush Beauty Studios without written consent, in publications or other media material produced by Sagebrush Beauty Studios/Hair By Brent and Carlyn. Thank you!


We Work With Associate Stylists

 Working with associate stylists is an important part of our Sagebrush Salon culture.

Working as a team allows us to accommodate clients more efficiently and stay on schedule. Associates who are performing color, keratin, extensions and styling services in the salon have been trained by the salon owners and are licensed professionals. Our assistant stylists have gone through rigorous training and have demonstrated that they have the necessary skills and talent to perform these services on clients. Please know that a trained associate stylist may be performing any part of your color, chemical, keratin, styling or extensions service. Unfortunately, if you are not comfortable with this, we may not be able to accommodate you.

Re-do's & Adjustments

 If you are not fully satisfied with your results, please call us directly. Our team will be happy to make small changes and adjustments within ten days or less of your hair appointment. This courtesy is not to be confused with "changing your mind" or trying to work the system for free services. If your request is reasonable, we will do absolutely everything we can to fix any error in quality.


 As much as we love kids, we ask that you please arrange for child care on the date of your hair appointment. Appointments can take anywhere from 2-5 hours or longer, and we have found this can be an unpleasant experience for young children. There are many liabilities in the salon, from harsh chemicals to hot irons, and it is much safer to keep the kids at home. If your child is able to relax and sit comfortably and safely during your regular hair appointment,  we leave that to your discretion, but ask that you do consider the experience of other guests as well. Thanks!